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Government ERP Implementation

PROSOL is one of Saudi’s leading business integrator with outstanding competence in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations. Our ERP implantation teams consist of Government business experts, ERP system specialists and consultants.

During our previse government implementations, our experts understood the business issues and the valid technologies; enabling PROSOL to deliver solutions tailored to each client's needs. Our government practices has many experts with experience in government financial management, procurement, supply chain management, human resources, and logistics. Our clients are across many departments in the Saudi government such as Ministry of Interiors MOI, Ministry of Finance and RSDF. 

We have a proven history of delivering large-scale ERP implementations on time and according to budget. PROSOL leads the ERP market in many angles of ERP implementation planning, design and development. This means that PROSOL has the experience, the right people, and the capability to drive successful implantations to government sector. 

Many of our Oracle government clients, have worked together with us in many successful implementations. We honored our efforts on delivering integrated and high performing expert teams.

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About Prosol

ProSolProSol is a local Middle Eastern Oracle partner that has been working in Saudi Arabia mainly and in the rest of the MENA for more than 5 years, we are proud that our clients are mainly investing with us for their growing needs, The company has proven itself as a leader in delivering to qualified local consultants in all the business areas.

Our company believes in investing in its own resources with continuous training and business cases where our main value is delivered to our clients directly into their business processes.