PROSOL aims to help the Middle Eastern business owners identify and assess possibilities to select the strategy with the strongest potential to target and deliver value. Strong leadership, efficient growth, innovation and agility continue to be important success factors in a volatile global environment.


Cost Reduction Strategy

Cost reduction is often done in a way that effects the scope of the project, PROSOL takes a complete and intelligent approach to focus to reduce the cost of ownership on our clients.



IT projects main challenge globally is time. Building the accurate scope and assigning the exact resources according to the predefine plan is what unifies PROSOL as a leading system integrator across the Middle East.



Many IT projects are not utilized as it was designed to be and in many cases are turned to be failure project because of the overestimating approach that is transferred to clients by the sales team. At PROSOL we make sure that all our sales team are IT and industrial oriented to design the correct scope that targets the client needs.

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Prosol is welling to present its solution across the Middle East and North Africa, All you need to do is to fill the below form or to contact us through our numbers, Our per-sales are highly qualified to respond to all your questions and demands.

About Prosol

ProSolProSol is a local Middle Eastern Oracle partner that has been working in Saudi Arabia mainly and in the rest of the MENA for more than 5 years, we are proud that our clients are mainly investing with us for their growing needs, The company has proven itself as a leader in delivering to qualified local consultants in all the business areas.

Our company believes in investing in its own resources with continuous training and business cases where our main value is delivered to our clients directly into their business processes.