Why Prosol?


PROSOL team believes that the success of our projects is down to developing close working partnerships with our customers and our commitment to exceeding expectations in everything we do.

Industry recognised experts

With a wealth of experience in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) we understand all of the critical factors that must be taken into account when evaluating an ERP requirement and providing the best working solution.
Specialising in the delivery of Oracle Business solutions, we understand how to deliver maximum benefit in the most time and cost efficient way.

Use our expertise to validate a proposed solution, generate detailed project and software specifications, project manage an installation, test and improve upon completed implementations.

We stand by our promises

PROSOL has an excellent track record of delivering projects on time, Quality and according to budget, allowing your organisation to deliver value as quickly as possibleand without any hidden costs.

Outstanding service

Developing new solution or building an existing one must be executed within the shortest possible timescales to minimise costs and loss of productivity. We work with you to meet the most challenging schedules through every stage of the process from project specification to installation, development and support, ensuring a robust solution that accurately meets your business needs.

Your satisfaction is our excellence

We are confident that each and every one of our customers would recommend PROSOL to their most valued partners.
We value our relationships with our customers and we are only too happy to put you in touch with them, so you can understand how PROSOL may directly benefit your business.

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Qualified by experience

It is no coincidence that every member of the PROSOL team has been previously employed to implement an ERP solution in a challenging environment. We have first-hand experience of our client’s challenges and have a successful track record of bridging the gap between the complexities of your business and the technical and accounting considerations of an ERP solution.


At PROSOL, we believe that the world isn’t complete yet. Government, non-government organizations and all business aspects, can be built and run in a better way. The business industry in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region is not even close to the quality, cost efficiency and sustainability that it deserves.


Driving the evolution

PROSOL’s duty is to drive the evolution of digital information with its consultation, providing a competitive solutions to customers in the banking, telecom and government. Our focus areas in this are:

  • Sustained growth and profitability for our customers and partners
  • Bringing new technologies and worldwide practices into the Middle East and the Kingdom
  • Being the preferred partner among the leading parties on the market


PROSOL aims to help the Middle Eastern business owners identify and assess possibilities to select the strategy with the strongest potential to target and deliver value. Strong leadership, efficient growth, innovation and agility continue to be important success factors in a volatile global environment.


Cost Reduction Strategy

Cost reduction is often done in a way that effects the scope of the project, PROSOL takes a complete and intelligent approach to focus to reduce the cost of ownership on our clients.



IT projects main challenge globally is time. Building the accurate scope and assigning the exact resources according to the predefine plan is what unifies PROSOL as a leading system integrator across the Middle East.



Many IT projects are not utilized as it was designed to be and in many cases are turned to be failure project because of the overestimating approach that is transferred to clients by the sales team. At PROSOL we make sure that all our sales team are IT and industrial oriented to design the correct scope that targets the client needs.

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Prosol is welling to present its solution across the Middle East and North Africa, All you need to do is to fill the below form or to contact us through our numbers, Our per-sales are highly qualified to respond to all your questions and demands.

About Prosol

ProSolProSol is a local Middle Eastern Oracle partner that has been working in Saudi Arabia mainly and in the rest of the MENA for more than 5 years, we are proud that our clients are mainly investing with us for their growing needs, The company has proven itself as a leader in delivering to qualified local consultants in all the business areas.

Our company believes in investing in its own resources with continuous training and business cases where our main value is delivered to our clients directly into their business processes.


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For any further information about our products and solutions please don't hesitate to contact us directly on the below contact information.

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