Business world today is witnessing a rapid increase of Internet-connected users through smart phones as many of users are moving towards smart phones every day. Mobility applications are becoming important and most effective in business as it is for consumers. Therefor PROSOL introduced Mobility services bases on the world’s mobility leader SAP to deliver solutions that enable our clients and their customers to seize the opportunities that mobility presents.

Mobility services enables our clients to achieve major enhancement in their services availability to their employees, vendors and above all their customers. 

We are capable to deliver advanced solutions made for government and for commercial sector that is fully integrated with their internal solutions and procedures.

Government Mobility services

Most of the Middle East region country is moving towards making all of their services available through e-Government services, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made a huge developments to ease their services to its citizens and residence through e-Gov services.

According to Saudi Arabia Communications and Information Technology Commission 2011 report that there are 12.5 million Internet users in Saudi Arabia representing 44% of the population. While Mobile subscribers has reached 54.8 million and still growing.

PROSOL believes that Mobility services will become more important each day and building the needed expertise along bringing the world’s market leader will help our clients be ahead of their competitors.