SAP Implementation

Business Advisory

PROSOL Business Advisory program provides a trusted source of fact-based insight to executives who are responsible for strategic and day-to-day management. Clients can quickly asses how well his organization performs and accelerate his development to peak performance. 

PROSOL Business Advisory and Executive Advisory programs include:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Procurement

What our client expect to gain:

  • Learn how their business performance compares with world-class performance
  • Discover quantified opportunities for performance improvement
  • Develop resources based on the observed data
  • Find out the lessons learned from top-performing companies


With a unique combination of technical knowledge and a detailed understanding of business principles, PROSOL team works together to deliver a solution that perfectly responds to your organization needs.

Flexible resourcing as and when you need it

Experience tells us that implementing, developing or supporting an ERP solution or any other IT related solution requires a comprehensive skillset, therefor we work with our clients to build upon their existing capabilities and provide expertise as required.

Starting with conceptualising each requirement through to the entire implementation and support, we deliver what you expect from us, PROSOL industry experience with our flexible approach, allows us to deliver a best of breed solutions that is specifically designed to meet your business needs.

Unique projects, unique approach

We believe that every project is different. At PROSOL we pride ourselves on taking time to understand your business. Our obligation to your internal processes enables us to appoint a dedicated team of highly skilled experts, who work closely with you to meet your specific business objectives.


Combining a solid understanding of business functions with deep industry knowledge and implementation experience, PROSOL consulting services deliver practical solutions addressing the most crucial business challenges based on the best practices known. We help companies leverage their solutions to deliver high performance.

Leading organizations invest their time, talent and capital to develop its competencies that will make them apart from their competitors. 

The main objective of our consulting services is to interpret your business needs into IT solutions that measurably improve performance.

PROSOL consulting services are distinguished by filling gap between an organization's existing business processes and the possibilities that can be achieved through advance makeovers. PROSOL seeks the perfection through many reasons, such as:

  • PROSOL has a full understanding of the Arabic localization issues
  • We help our clients hit their cost and performance goals based on our Expert know how.
  • Working closely with major business solution vendors such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft
  • PROSOL has large experience in delivering large-scale IT transformation projects.


PROSOL understand the fact that budgetary often plays a major part in IT resourcing decisions, the advantages of IT outsourcing become more obvious and attractive for the government and non-government organizations. However what many of those organizations fail to realize is that without proper planning and qualification consideration IT outsourcing can have far reaching implications, not just in HR scenarios, but also the sudden and immediate loss of business knowledge and requires rebuild and re-learn.

That's why PROSOL takes a consultative approach to each situation we are asked to assist in. For us, it's not about what resources we can replace; it's about what services we can deliver. PROSOL outsourcing services cover the full IT spectrum and can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Why Choose PROSOL Outsourcing

There are a number of reasons that drives your company to use our outsource services, such as:

  • lower overall cost of service.
  • Improve service. Higher educated or skilled engineers perform the tasks in best possible way.
  • Obtain expert skills. Our Team insures transfer of knowledge to your team.
  • Improve processes. Our outsourcers are very experienced at a particular set of processes; they can help the customer to improve their processes.
  • Improve focus on core activities. Outsourcing frees management from having to worry about the inner-workings of a non-core activity. The customer focuses on their core competence, the outsourcer focuses on theirs.

SAP Consulting

Our Team runs not only regular ERP Implementations, but Business Consulting as well, this results in what is called Business Process re-engineering that re-structures your entire business cycle to align with SAP Best Practices. With SAP Consulting as your valued business partner, you benefit from our SAP skills and experience - and our close working relationship with SAP development, as well as our extensive partner network.

SAP Consulting services deliver sound advice and support throughout the entire solution life cycle, with a portfolio of services that:

Create new value as we leverage the entire SAP network to create value for customers implementing SAP solutions - by deploying SAP's latest technology and functional innovations.

Help you realize additional value with services for customers in the operations phase that help them improve total cost of ownership (TCO) and continuously adapt to changing business environments.

Protect value - SAP Consulting works with our team of partners, assuring quality and mitigating risk - to protect your software investment.

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About Prosol

ProSolProSol is a local Middle Eastern Oracle partner that has been working in Saudi Arabia mainly and in the rest of the MENA for more than 5 years, we are proud that our clients are mainly investing with us for their growing needs, The company has proven itself as a leader in delivering to qualified local consultants in all the business areas.

Our company believes in investing in its own resources with continuous training and business cases where our main value is delivered to our clients directly into their business processes.


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