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Supply Chain Management

Oracle SCM enables our clients to establish and manage their supply chain to achieve continues growth. Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management applications integrates and automates supply chain processes, starting with design, planning and procurement to manufacturing and supply. With the supply chain packages, PROSOL’s clients can anticipate market requirements and risks and be more competitive.

PROSOl develops Oracle SCM to equip your organization with and effective environment that provides more accurate information, along with other benefits include building stronger partnerships and supplier networks, balancing out supply and demand, improving business plans and predicting transportation requirements, planning daily operations of your company and above all creating streamlined inventory management.

Most of today’s world organizations have supply chain processes of varying degrees, but that doesn’t mean that they are gaining the maximum benefit out of their systems. Collection information such as the size of the organization and the type of product manufactured affect SCM components, therefore PROSOL applies the most critical business discipline in the world today using ORACLE E-Business suite to benefit you and your business.

SAP Mobile Solutions

As the IT world around us evolve and evolve the way we live our lives. Mobiles are becoming more used device in the day time enabling humans to interact and communicate over internet during non-office time. As many among us are not yet seen the mobile business opportunities that yet to come, PROSOL recognized these opportunities and believed that we should rely on those who recognized the opportunity first, therefore PROSOL partnered with SAP the world’s leading solution.

SAP is the only mobility solution vendor who can provide our clients with complete, end-to-end software solutions that mobilize their entire organization. Our clients can easily unwire all their processes for their staff, vendors and clients using SAP configured mobility solution by PROSOL.

Main Benefits

  • A platform solution that enables easy integration
  • Scalable solution that meets the upcoming future needs of our clients.
  • Reduce time, cost and insure quality by using pre-built mobile tested applications


PROSOL CRM includes Sales module that helps your Sales Managers structure their Sales processes from presales activities through to quotations and deal closure. Our CRM solutions allows your Sales teams to capture customer interactions (calls, meetings, emails etc). Sales Managers can then process this data and compare sales quotas against actual sales. In the other hand, Our CRM enabled to automatically alert Sales executives with set of action and provide structured communication templates, decreasing administration and sales down time through automated workflow that can be customized to match your company's sales policy.

Opportunity Management
Opportunities are potential sales, potential revenue for your company. Our CRM solutions facilitate the Sales team by organizing all the related opportunity information into one central database and it helps business managers by giving the actual sales status.

Main Benefits:

  • Improve lead quality
  • More effective Sales Process
  • Higher salesperson productivity
  • Better understanding of your market needs
  • Better customer loyalty

Siebel CRM

Winning new customers and keeping existing clients is the companies’ most important duty. With the purpose of retaining the projected business growth the companies need to be able to handle the customer all confronting aspects which is marketing, sales and after sales services. Therefore, the companies must have a CRM systems that enable automation for these processes.

PROSOL partnered with the number one solution of all customer relationship management (CRM) solutions globally, Oracle's Siebel CRM carries a mixture of interactions transactions and features to manage all customer confronting operations. It assists organizations distinguish their businesses to achieve maximum growth.

PROSOL can tailor industry solutions using Siebel CRM that leverages industry best practices by incorporating lessons learned from other implementations 


تتضمن حلول إدارة علاقات العملاء الخاصة ببروسول نموذج المبيعات الذي يتيح للمديري المبيعات من تشكيل العمليات الخاصة بالمبيعات بدءا من الأنشطة السابقة للبيع مرورا بعروض السعر و انهاء الصفقات. حلول إدارة علاقات العملاء الخاصة بنا تمكن أفراد فريق مبيعاتكم من متابعة جميع الأنشطة و التفاعلات مع العملاء (مكالمات هاتفية , اجتماعات , بريد الكتروني ... الخ). مديري المبيعات يستطيعوا مقارنة التقارير الخاصة بحجم الأعمال التي تم تقديم عروض أسعار بخصوصها بالمقارنة بحجم المبيعات الفعلي. و من زاوية أخري , تقوم حلول CRM الخاصة ببروسول بارسال تنبيهات لأفراد المبيعات من خلال أداوات سير العمل Automated Workflow و طبقا لمجموعة من الأنشطة المعرفة مسبقا مما يقلل من حجم العمل الإداري و توفير الوقت لأفراد المبيعات للقيام بالمهمة الأساسية لهم

Opportunity Management
الفرص هي مبيعات مستقبلية متوقعة مما يجعلها بمثابة دخل مستقبلي لشركتكم. يمكن نظام إدارة العملاء فريق المبيعات من تنظيم جميع المعلومات المتعلقة بالفرص البيعية في قاعدة بيانات مركزية واحدة و تساعد مديري الأعمال بتوفير البيانات الخاصة بحجم المبيعات الفعلي.

الفوائد الأساسية:

  • تحسين مستوي المعلومات الخاصة بالعملاء المستقبليين (lead Quality)
  • عمليات بيعية أكثر فاعلية
  • انتاجية أعلى لأفراد المبيعات
  • تفهم أفضل لمتطلبات السوق
  • زيادة ولاء العملاء

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